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There is a wide range of fields of research in this work unit. The current researches are:

  • Aggression, aggressiveness and prevention of aggression
  • Consistency of behavior and moderators of consistency
  • Competence of communication and media
  • Diagnostics of depression
  • Diagnostics of personality with implicit measurement methods
  • Effect of media showing aggression
  • Evaluation of „Social Comepetence“-Training
  • Evaluation of teaching practice
  • Modelling of latentent states and traits
  • Perfectionism
  • Revenge and retaliation
  • Selfconcept of gender role
  • Selfregulation
  • Social emotions
  • Social justice
  • Social responsibility, helpfulness, solidarity


These researches are financed by the German Research Community and other establishments of Reserach Development. To get further information, use the links of the pages of the employees.