EASP Landau 2018

EASP Meeting: Polarization, Populism, Political Alienation: Causes and Consequences of Social Diversity and Inequality?

Consultation and Discussion Seminar with a Focus on PhD Students and Postdocs
November 1st - 4th, 2018, University of Koblenz-Landau, Landau (Germany)

Call for papers

Changes in the social and political sphere appear to happen ever faster: Social diversity increases in many “Western” societies. Also, many people feel disconnected from economic prosperity. Social inequality grows, and so does political alienation. Populist leaders, political parties, and movements have gained influence. Other groups have reacted with non-normative collective behaviors including radicalization. Briefly, the political and social sphere changes, with worrying consequences for intergroup relations.

This international EASP meeting aims to bring together junior and senior researchers interested in two topics typically targeted separately: (a) Changes in the political sphere and (b) social diversity and inequality. Current changes in the political sphere include polarization, populism, and political alienation. How are they based in the social psychology of language and communication? Are they causes or consequences of increasing social diversity and inequality? We want to establish a knowledge base in social psychology that connects these phenomena. Are there reinforcing spirals at work between them, and how can they be stopped?

The EASP meeting consists of a plenary session in which PhD students and Postdocs present and discuss their work, plus time slots for individual consultations and joint planning of future research. Eminent researchers attending include Eran Halperin, Anne Maass, and Felicia Pratto.
We meet in a boarding house in Landau (90 minutes from Frankfurt).

Participation fee is max. 250 Euro for Postdocs/seniors and 100 Euro for PhD students, including accommodation and boarding. All expenses can be subsidized for five junior scholars from Eastern European (or other eligible) countries.

To apply, please complete the application form by Mai, 31, 2018, indicating whether you would like to present your work (providing a title and a 200 word abstract) or act as discussant (please describe how your existing scholarship would enrich the conversation). Inquiries can be sent to easp2018@uni-landau.de


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