Forschungsinteressen & Publikationen

Research Interests

  • The effects of media framing on representations of national identity and attitude formation (i.e. outgroup prejudice, immigration attitudes, policy preferences, Euroscepticism, etc.)
  • Nativist populism as a political communication style, and its impact on attitude formation and intergroup relations in Western Europe.
  • The role of media and political communication on attitudes towards climate change and environmental protection policies. 


Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

  • Bytzek, E., Steffens, M.C., Schnepf, J., Bogado, N., Rudert, S. (submitted). “The established parties are all the same, aren’t they!?” Do heterogeneous versus homogeneous election pledges affect voting intentions and protest voting?. European Journal of Political Research
  • Abraham-Dukuma, M. C., Dioha, M. O., Bogado, N., et al. (2020). Multidisciplinary Composition of Climate Change Commissions: Transnational Trends and Expert Perspectives. Sustainability 2020, 12(24)
  • Dioha, M. O., Abraham-Dukuma, M. C., Bogado, N., & Okpaleke, F. N. (2020). Supporting climate policy with effective energy modelling: A perspective on the varying technical capacity of South Africa, China, Germany and the United States. Energy Research & Social Science69, 101759.
  • Bogado, N. (2017) Trafficking of Women for Sexual Slavery and its prevention: A Feminist Critique of the Criminalisation of Demand as an Effective Measure to Prevent Women's Trafficking. The Research Magazine of the New Zealand Political Studies Association (NZPSA)



  • Bogado, N (2021, accepted). Immigration media frames, national identity representations importance and its impact on outgroup prejudice and immigration policy preferences. Paper to be presented at the 11th Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association.
  • Bogado, N. & Xu, J. (2021, submitted) The CDU and The Leitkultur Debate: An Analysis of Angela Merkel’s Integration Discourse Before and After the 2015 Syrian Refugee Crisis. Paper to be presented at the ECPR 2021 General Conference.
  • Bytzek, E., Steffens, M.C., Bogado, N., Louvet, E., & Gaubert, C. (2021, submitted) The effects of party homogeneity on intention to vote and protest voting: Results from an experimental study in Germany and France. Paper to be presented at the ECPR 2021 General Conference.

  • Bogado, N. (2021, accepted). The role of identity-related frames in national identity representations salience and attitude formation. Paper to be presented at the ISPP 2021 Annual Meeting.
  • Bogado, N. (2020). Opportunity Perception, Integrationism and Policy Preference: How immigration beliefs and attitudes influence preference for liberal immigration policies. Paper presented at the ISPP 2020 Annual Meeting.
  • Bogado, N. (2018). Immigration Policy, Public Opinion and the Rise of Populism in Germany and France: An Ideal-Type Study on the Role of the Opinion-Policy Gap in Anti-immigration Parties’ Electoral Success. Paper presented at the IPSA's 25th World Congress of Political Science in Brisbane, Australia.