Wortwolke Kachel

Main research interests

I mainly do research on gender and/or language. By gender, I think about all its different facets, from gender identity and gender-role self-concept, via gender-role stereotypes and norms, to threats to one's gender identity and discrimination based on gender-related characteristics. I do not necessarily understand gender-related characteristics as naturally given or biologically grounded but as performatively produced and socially constructed. I am particularly curious about sexual orientation. Some of my recent research questions:

  • What are the implications of threats to men's masculinity (e.g., use of sexist humor)?
  • What are the effects of gender stereotypes (e.g., with regard to hiring a manager)?
  • How is one's gender experience affected by the use of certain linguistic means?


Regarding language, I am not only interested in language per se on its various levels, for example, how two groups differ in their use of acoustic or morpho-syntactic features. I understand language more broadly as a sign system, namely as any codes that are used to convey information and are therefore charged with meaning. This can be the written image, but also the clothing or the face. Some exemplary research questions:

  • What signals do people use to express social characteristics intentionally or unintentionally?
  • How do other people interpret these signals?
  • Is there a fit between what is meant to be expressed and understood?
  • And what are the implications for shaping social interactions?


Collaboration in research projects