Konferenz 2018

In search for common ground to realize interdisciplinarity in
environmental research
A workshop for interdisciplinary researchers


Datum: November 15th 2018

Ort: Landau i. d. Pfalz


The objective is to discuss and to share experiences about concrete everyday stages of interdisciplinary work; from the application and implementation of interdisciplinary projects, implementation of integrative techniques, conflict management during collaboration, to interdisciplinary publication. The workshop will be accompanied by lectures of leading experts in interdisciplinary research.

Bild zeigt eine Halle mit Menschen die sich unterhalten.


The present workshop is organized by the Interdisciplinary Research Group for Environmental Studies (IFG-Umwelt) and is oriented towards young scientists from natural and social sciences working on interdisciplinary environmental topics.


The present workshop is free of an admission fee. Please register until October 22nd, via E-mail:



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