Conference on Taking Action in Biodiversity Conservation of Mountain Rainforests

How can we protect the biodiversity of mountain rainforests? Looking back at five years of intensive work at Cyamudongo Forest, the Cyamudongo-Project invited to a conference in Kigali.


During this event, the team members of the Cyamudongo-Project presented the results achieved so far and discussed them in detail not only with their main partners from the Rwanda Forestry Authority (RFA) and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), but also from the University of Rwanda (UR), the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) Kitabi, Nyungwe Management Company, and representatives of the local authorities in the project region. Furthermore, several other institutions and organisations working in the forestry and environment sector in Rwanda (ENABEL, GIZ, IUCN, REMA, RWCA) were represented and contributed their ideas to the conference.

Protection needs Action

Together they discussed the developed insights and recommendations of the project – in retrospective, but especially focusing on future adaption in other mountain rainforests. One of the key topics was the engagement of communities. Among others, Pierre Ntihemuka (Nyungwe Management Company) underlined the importance of sustainability and education work with schools. Valens Habimana (District Forest and Natural Resources Officer) highlighted the close cooperation between the project and local authorities. On several occasions throughout the day, you could experience what Ambassador of Germany Dr. Thomas Kurz emphasized in his opening speech: The delight about the Rwandan-German partnership.

Datum der Meldung 09.12.2021 00:00
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