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Linda Schürmann, M.Ed., B.Sc.

Institute for Psychology
Developmental Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics

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56070 Koblenz

Project MoSAik: Subproject |.1.3: Motivational competence in out-of-learning settings

Young Researchers at the University in Koblenz



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Information for students

Dear students,
I have recently received an increasing number of enquiries from you for the initial supervision of Bachelor theses, even if you have not attended a seminar with me. If you would like to write such a thesis with me, please note that I am currently researching in the area of motivation, gamification, extracurricular learning, mental rotation and gender. 

If you would like to write a term paper (module completion M 3.3.1/M 4.4.2) with me because you have attended one of my seminars, please note the information below.

I wish you much success!


Submission of term papers for module 3.3.1/4.4.2 in the Bachelor of Education (see also below for current Covid 19 notes!)

The submission date for term papers is always 14 days after the examination date given in KLIPS.
Example: Examination date in KLIPS: Wednesday, 12.02. ---> Submission date: Wednesday, 26.02. 
You submit your term paper in printed form (P.O. Boy 38 or in person) and electronically as a PDF ( to me.




Important current information on the submission of term papers

(Update 23.03.21)

Dear students of the B.Ed. BiWi module 3.3.1/4.4.2,
the time has come - remember the deadline for the digital submission of your assignments (to
Also, remember to send your module slip and proof of participation for the other module course (TE entry KLIPS).
The term paper must also be sent to me in printed form (address see above, P.O. Box 38) in a timely manner. 
Best regards, stay healthy
Linda Schürmann