Social and Organisational Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology at the Institute of Psychology in Koblenz


Digitales Teammeeting SoSe21

Digital team meeting in times of COVID-19: (top: from left.): Sven Glaser, Diana Hanke-Boer, Katharina Henk, (middle: from left): Leonore Oestreich, Julia Miczka, Jonas Bremm, (bottom: from left): Johannes Kühner, Florian Rosing








Current Projects

  • Regulate-Threat Project
  • Leadership and Employee Well-being
  • Voice behaviour under threat
  • Music and creativity




Ratings of Experienced Social, Personal and Cultural Themes of Music functions (also available in PsycTESTS)


Music preferences

Global and local music style surveys.

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Short Schwartz Value Survey (adapted version)

A short measure that captures Schwartz's four higher-order values using 10 items (one for each value type).

Here you find the German version of the SSVS incl. details on scoring and syntaxes (SPSS and MPlus).

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More Scales:

  • Musical Ethnocentrism
  • Family Ritual Appraisal Scale
  • Global Paternalistic Leadership Scale
  • Brief Multidimensional Student's Life Satisfaction Scale

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About Us

Our department adds the specific scope of organizational psychology to basic social psychology. This department is administered by Mrs Prof. Dr. Diana Hanke-Boer.

Moreover, special topics such as the impact music has on individuals and group processes, cultural research, humour in extreme situations, locos of control and threats as well as research concerning LGBTQ-Individuals, are covered.


 Social and Organizational Psychology

 Social Psychology: Human thinking, feeling and behaviour under the impact of interactions with the social environment marks the core of social psychology. Important features can be group-specific values and attitudes as well as behavioural processes within groups e.g. conformity and stereotyping. Furthermore, it focuses on self-concept, empathy, friendship, interpersonal attraction or even helpful behaviour. Thus, social psychology - determined by humane and social interaction - can be found in nearly every part of our daily lives. As a basic discipline of psychology, it is necessary to improve the understanding of human behaviour.

Organizational Psychology: Organizational psychology deals with the experience and behaviour of individuals in organizations. Our focus is defined by leadership (behaviour), trust, work and gender, discrimination at work, humour at work and employee health. Elaborated results serve the increase of efficiency and improve working conditions and processes in organizations. 




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The Pursuit of Happiness

Prof. Hanke-Boer and Dr. Walden in a Uni-Blog Interview on HAPPINESS: What makes you happy? Read the interview here.