Welcome to the Faculty 1: Educational Sciences

Structure / Research


Its four institutes: Pedagogy (with the departments pedagogy and school pedagogy / general didactics), Primary Education, Psychology as well as Sociology and Political Science shape the research and teaching at Faculty 1: Educational Sciences.

Heterogeneity and inclusion, residential education, media education, online study counseling, gender and diversity, spatial cognition, linguistic and literary learning, dance and aesthetic education, philosophizing with children, orders and cultures of knowledge, leadership behavior and health, and the development of pedagogic organizations are research topics of Faculty 1, to name only a few.

Range of Courses

Next to the central programs of study in teacher education at campus Koblenz, the Bachelor and Master of Education Educational Sciences and Primary Education and the course leading to a certificate in Performing Arts, faculty 1 offers attractive study programs independent from teacher education, for instance the BA in Pedagogy, the MA in Education Science with a specialization in ‘Research and Development in Organizations” as well as the subjects Psychology and Pociology as a dual major BA.