Academic degrees

As part of the future University of Koblenz, we offer a wide range of research and teaching options on the Metternich campus under the umbrella term "Material & Environment".

We offer offers and opportunities for degrees along the entire educational chain and publish scientific publications in recognized peer-review journals.

One focus of our range of courses is teacher training for elementary school, secondary school plus, grammar school and vocational schools, in which we, among other things, offer the subjects of biology, chemistry, geography, physics, sports and mathematics. For the teaching-related subjects, in any combination with the second subject and the educational sciences, the completion of the Bachelor and the Master of Education can be achieved.

Most of the specialist courses end with a Bachelor and Master of Science degree. In cooperation with the university, a degree with a focus on engineering is also possible.

These have a proven research relation to chemical-physical (e.g. material properties), mathematical (e.g. from models, simulations, optimization processes) and bio-geoscientific issues (e.g. biodiversity & ecosystems). As part of the knowledge and technology transfer, there are established networks with regional and international partners, which enable research and theses to be carried out directly in a company.

At the same time, an international offer in research and teaching via the university partnerships or the Rwanda Center for Africa Cooperation located on campus enables a look out into the world. In the area of ​​further education and adult education, distance learning courses related to the environment and energy management are offered through the center for distance learning and university education at the university

Upon completion of the master’s degree, you usually acquire the access authorizations for the doctorate, which you can realize through supervision in our department.

In addition, after completing your doctorate, you can pursue a scientific career.