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Plastics - materials and processes
We carry out applied research and development work as well as services in the field of production and characterization of innovative plastic and plastic composite materials. Our focus is on the development and processing of functional, thermoplastic materials, especially by means of extrusion and injection molding.
  1. Composite materials from compounding to characterization with a focus on achieving additional functions (e.g. conductivity, barrier effect, antimicrobial finish, etc.),
  2. Connection techniques with a focus on adhesive technology and plastic welding,
  3. Surface modification and coating, especially functionalization to improve adhesion and resistance.
  4. Functional materials for additive manufacturing, especially for melt coating and selective laser sintering.
Of particular interest are questions related to the energy and resource efficiency of plastic materials and their production methods, such as Replacement of substances harmful to health and the environment or the replacement of primary materials with secondary and natural materials.
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