Studies & teaching

The department serves a wide range of courses in the MINT area, which is constantly being developed. Teaching courses in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geography, physics), mathematics, sports science, and nutrition and consumer education are recognized as the foundation of teaching. Our research focus is on the ecologically and economically significant area of conflict "Material & Environment", in which we offer independent, interdisciplinary specialist bachelor and master degree programs.

Study programs


The Bachelor and Master programs for teaching at elementary schools, Realschule plus, gymnasiums and vocational schools form the basis of the study and degree programs of Faculty 3. Furthermore Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. degree programs are offered.

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M. Eng. Ceramic Science and Engineering
M. Sc. Applied Science
M.Sc. BioGeoWissenschaften (Biology)
M.Sc. Applied Natural Sciences (Physics)
M.Sc. Mathematic Modeling, Simulation and Optimization (Mathematical Institut)