Workshop on SLE for CPS at INFORMATIK 2011

4-10 October in Berlin, Germany

WS4C 2011 aims at interaction between researchers and practioners interested in SLE (as means to address the abovementioned requirements or challenges) and application areas of CPS (e.g., robotics for search and rescue, or collision avoidance in autonomous driving). More..


6-9 April 2011 in Koblenz, Germany

Seminar Series on Advanced Techniques & Tools for Software Evolution: The main objective of this seminar is to provide a venue for researchers in the area of software evolution to forge new links and to advance the level of synergy in research on advanced tools and techniques for software evolution. More..


1st ADAPT Summer School

26 September-2 October 2010 in Koblenz, Germany

Software adaptation is a topic that crosscuts much of software engineering, programming languages, information systems, formal methods, and other major areas of computer science. The CS department at the University of Koblenz-Landau engages in this research focus on software adaptation, and thereby connects scientistis and teams in classical areas of computer science as much as application areas such as web-based systems, SOA, mobile systems, and robotics. ADAPT 2010 is the first edition in a series of summer schools on software adapation. The program of ADAPT 2010 appeals to PhD students and possibly specialized Master's students in computer science. Read more.


Summer School on Multimedia Semantics

23-28 August 2009 in Koblenz, Germany

Understanding and thereby manipulating multimedia content at the semantic level is the only way towards realizing the full potential of emerging digital media technologies aimed at the delivery of compelling multimedia solutions. The integration of knowledge, semantics and low-level multimedia processing for the purpose of automatic semantics extraction from multimedia content is still the subject of active research in academia and industry. The purpose of this event is to bring the relevant academic and media professional societies closer to the latest research and commercial developments providing the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the related research challenges and the ever increasing number of new applications. Read more.

3rd Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering

6-11 July 2009 in Braga, Portugal

The GTTSE summer school brings together PhD students, lecturers, as well as researchers and practitioners who are interested in the generation and the transformation of programs, data, software models, data models, metamodels, documentation, and entire software systems. The GTTSE school draws from several areas of the broad software engineering and programming language communities, in particular: software reverse and re-engineering, model-driven software development, program calculation, generic language technology, generative programming, aspect-oriented programming, and compiler construction. The GTTSE school presents the state of the art in automated software engineering and software language engineering: foundations, methods, tools, and case studies. Read more.

3rd COST MC and WG Meeting

11-13 June 2009 in Lisbon, Portugal

COST Action IC0701 is a European scientific cooperation. The Action aims to develop verification technology with the reach and power to assure dependability of object-oriented programs on industrial scale. Read more about COST. Read more about meeting.

11. Workshop Software-Reengineering

4-6 May 2009 in Bad Honnef, Germany

Software-Reengineering covers all activities, that aim to the qualitative enhancement, the refactoring and the further development of software which includes software adaptation. The main objective of the Software-Reengineering Workshop is the advancement of the collaboration of different working groups from research and industry that deal with software reengineering or software maintenance. Read more (in german).

Presentation of the research foci at the University of Koblenz-Landau

20 April 2009 in Landau, Germany

During this event the three research foci at the University of Koblenz-Landau, that have been estabilished in the course of the state of Rhineland Palatinate's Research Initiative, will be presented. As ADAPT is one of that foci, we will show our work. Later there will be a discussion about the relevance of the Research Initiative, which the Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Culture, Doris Ahnen, will participate in.


3rd International Conference on Semantics and Digital Media Technologies

3-5 December 2008 in Koblenz, Germany

The conference series SAMT, the international conference on semantic and digital media technologies, has been installed in 2006 in order to tackle this problem by recurring to the semantics and pragmatics of multimedia generation, management and access. Read more.

7th International Semantic Web Conference

26-30 Oktober 2008 in Karlsruhe, Germany

ISWC is a major international forum where visionary and state-of-the-art research of all aspects of the Semantic Web are presented. Read more.

International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

13-16 January 2008 in Maspalomas, Spain

IUI is where the community of people interested in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) meets the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. We're also very interested in contributions from related fields, such as psychology, cognitive science, computer graphics, the arts. Unlike traditional AI, our focus is not so much to make the computer smart all by itself, but to make interaction between computers and people smarter. Unlike traditional HCI, we're more willing to consider solutions that involve large amounts of knowledge, heuristics, and emerging technologies such as natural language understanding or gesture recognition. Read more.