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Teaching Concept / Philosophy

The teaching concept of the MI²EO working group aims to provide students with sound theoretical knowledge in the areas of information management, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation management, knowledge and collaboration management, as well as in personnel management and organization, while simultaneously establishing their practical relevance. All new research and industry developments are integrated into our courses.

The best possible knowledge transfer for students can only be provided through a dual approach of teaching methods due to the various prerequisites for the formulation of new content. Therefore, our teaching is always focused on our students, who are expected to play an active role even in our basic lectures. The focus of our teaching concept is to integrate a variety of different interactive teaching methods, in order to ensure the highest quality in our German and English courses.

In addition to theoretical, foundational basics and subject specific expertise, students should be taught, at an early stage, the methodology required for editing scientific works in their assignments and term papers. On the other hand, targeted, practical methods will be confronted through our teaching, in order to prepare students for future professional, business challenges. Team work amongst students is a key component in scientific training which is aimed at business practices. Through undertaking current case studies and presenting the results in multimedia presentations, students expand their method and media competencies, while learning how to practically apply the instruments presented. The case studies are often overseen by company representatives to provide students with "first-hand" practical knowledge. In order to further investigate selected problems identified within a course, additional external lecturers from academia and industry may be invited.

In addition to the selection of appropriate methods, a successful knowledge transfer relies on the integration of e-learning in the teaching concept and the implementation of multimedia training. The MI²EO working group follows a blended learning approach, which is comprised of a mix of traditional, non-electronic and modern, electronic teaching and learning formats. In close cooperation with the Institute for Knowledge Media, the central eLearning coordination facility of the University of Koblenz - Landau will enhance the courses by electronic means of communication and various publishing platforms, such as WebCT.  The MI²EO working group has ideal working conditions with the campus-wide wireless network and the multi-media seminar room, ‘mlab’, for testing innovative teaching and learning formats and integrating them into the teaching concept.