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Qualification theses

From topic identification to registration

As a rule, a qualification thesis is the last credit to be completed in the Bachelor's or Master's programme and in many respects comparable to masterpiece. The following explanatory video provides a summary of the organisational process from topic identification to registration of a thesis:


In principle, the choice of topic should be primarily interest driven. The processing of own topics in connection with practice partners is not excluded here. However, the topics proposed by companies should be critically examined for scientific aspects before a meeting can be arranged with those responsible in the research group. Furthermore, cooperation with a practice partner can also fail due to contracts that are concluded between the actors. Here the individual case decides. 

As already shown in the video, our research group exclusively supervises theses (Bachelor's and Master's theses) that lie within its core area - the management of information, innovation, entrepreneurship and organization. Please apply by e-mail with

  1. CV in tabular form,
  2. letter of motivation in which an advertised topic is referenced or an own topic proposal is submitted (including research gap and potential research questions) and
  3. a current summary of grades

to Christian Tuschner. Please include Prof. Dr. von Korflesch on CC of the e-mail.

After the successful application a first meeting takes place. The subsequent preparation of an exposé is obligatory for every thesis, whether it is written out in full or externally motivated. The instructions for the preparation of scientific theses (seminar paper / bachelor thesis / master thesis) in the MI2EO working group can be downloaded here. After approval by Prof. von Korflesch, you will be responsible for registering your work with the Examination Office. 

Due to the increased demand for theses, we would like to point out that we may not be able to accept all applications. 


Advertised Topics

Within the framework of our research activities and projects, exciting questions arise on an ongoing basis, which can be answered in a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. All of the thesis topics listed below are intended as a framework which will be condensed in a personal discussion. 


Currently there are no topics announced!


Theses Topic Description 1.    Reviewer 2. Reviewer