Project Title

Koblenz Network for Open Entrepreneurship Engineering (KOpEE)

Project for the promotion of technology-oriented and knowledge-based startups from universities and research institutions in the greater Koblenz – Middle Rhine region.

Short Description

KOpEE aims to implement a lasting culture of entrepreneurial independence and to increase the creation of startup enterprises in the Koblenz-Middle Rhine area. To achieve this we use the approach of “Open Entrepreneurship Engineering”, which combines an engineer’s systematic approach (engineering paradigm) with a broad disclosure and demand for equal participation in the development and configuration of entrepreneurial efforts (open paradigm). This methodology forms the foundation of our usage of the term “Open Entrepreneurship Engineering” in our project initiative.

The project proposal, submitted by the University of Koblenz – Landau, aims at establishing a lasting culture of entrepreneurial independence, as well as increasing the creation of and competitiveness of technology-oriented and knowledge-based scientific startups in the greater Koblenz-Middle Rhine region.


For this purpose, the University of Koblenz-Landau, the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management, and the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences have collectively formed the Koblenz Network for Open Entrepreneurship Engineering (KOpEE), bringing their respective core competencies of computer science, management, and engineering to the table.

A main focus for this network, in regards to engineering, is on innovative material technology. The two leading European research institutes for inorganic materials (glass / ceramic) in Höhr-Grenzhausen and for mineral and metallic materials (gem stones / precious metals) in Idar-Oberstein are specifically focusing on this aspect.


German Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)
European Social Fund (ESF)
Project Administrator: Jülich (PTJ)  Research Center Jülich, Berlin Office (PTJ)


November 1, 2008 until October 30, 2011

Project Partners

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
Koblenz University of Applied Sciences
Research Center for Inorganic Materials- Glass / Ceramic - Ltd.
Research Center for Minerals and Metallic Materials- gem stones / precious metals- Ltd


Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch
Dr. Kornelia van der Beek