SME 2.0

Project Title

Self-organization of Networks for Innovative SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Project Plan: Analysis and evaluation of the organizational impact of Web 2.0-based network processes and the development of open management strategies for innovative solutions to problems of the modern workplace, taking into consideration the competencies of creativity and dissemination.

Short Description

SME 2.0 ‘s objective is to research and test new management scenarios for inter-company collaborations among SME networks, in order to introduce fresh, innovative solutions to work situations.

For this purpose, models of self-organization and information technology will be systematically researched and tested in terms of their applicability in the context of Web 2.0 concepts.

Web 2.0 describes a more participatory, “hands on” model and, therefore, an “end-user” driven perception and use of the internet.

From the organizational perspective, the main point is that users increasingly create and / or edit submitted content through internet technologies.

The project plan should therefore contribute to a better understanding and management of the opportunities and risks that occur through the use of Web 2.0 concepts in SME networks.

As a result, appropriate methods and tools should be conceptualized, developed, prototypically implemented, tested, and, of course, evaluated.


German  Federal Ministry of Education and  Research (BMBF)
Administrator: ‘’Work Design and Business Services’’ Research Center of the Federal Republic of Germany for Aerospace (PT-DLR)


May 1, 2008 until April 30, 2011

Project Partners

University of Hamburg, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Chair for Business Administration, Management / Leadership and Organizational Development
Economic Forum Neuwied e.V.


Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch
Dr. Sylvia Valcárcel
Nadine Lindermann
Mario Schaarschmidt