Further Activities

Through the close cooperation with numerous innovative companies, our research projects facilitate the integration of current, practice-relevant knowledge in research and teaching.


KoUnity is a group of dedicated and motivated students who founded a student consultancy on the Koblenz campus in January of 2005.  With the help of Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch, Christian Proll and Frank Dewender developed a concept in which students offer consulting services and support to companies in the area.

Website: http://www.kounity.de/

Summer Academy

The working group is primarily responsible for the globalization weeks in the Computer Science department. In three to four weeks until the end of the summer semester, English lectures will be held on current topics and research fields in computer science and business information systems, as well as on issues of management and computer visualization. Alongside students from the University of Koblenz - Landau, students from foreign universities will be warmly welcomed.

Website: http://www.uni-koblenz.de/summeracademy


On June 22, 2007, and June 27, 2008, a conference took place at the University of Koblenz on "Knowledge Transfer and Innovation – Information Technology and Globalization as Challenges for Small and Medium-Sized Companies”. It was aimed at students from Koblenz, spanning all departments, and to companies from the Koblenz business area. The conference was organized by two student organizations - AIESEC and KoUnity. The goal of this meeting is to create a long-term platform in the area of Koblenz in which the business community and students can interact, discuss, and learn from each other. In the process, students, shaped by their theoretical studies. will gain insight into business practice and the business community will benefit from the innovative ideas of the students and their unbiased approach to various problems.

The goal is to:

  • highlight the potential of the Koblenz students to regional businesses,
  • illustrate the diversity and attractiveness of the regional companies to the Koblenz students
  • support the interaction between theory and practice, through direct contact between students and representatives of the regional business community