Christian Tuschner

Research Associate (Research Group von Korflesch)


Christian Tuschner is a research associate (teaching assistant) at the Research Group von Korflesch at the Institute of Management. In addition to various teaching activities, he is responsible in particular for supervising students in writing their Bachelor's and Master's theses. At the same time, he is currently working on his doctoral thesis in the research area of Management and Economics (topic: work in progress). He began his studies at the University of Koblenz-Landau in summer 2014 and completed them in January 2021 with a Master of Science in Wirtschaftsinformatik (M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik). The basis for the Master's degree was the successful degree of Bachelor of Science in Informationsmanagement at the University of Koblenz-Landau (B.Sc. Informationsmanagement). 

Research focus

Leadership (and Management) – E-Leadership – Leadership Decision Making

Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation 

Artificial Intelligence – intelligent Decision Systems – (AI-based) Expert Systems, intelligent Recommender Systems and intelligent Decision Support Systems

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Entrepreneurial Finance – Crowdfunding