Dr. Sonja Christ-Brendemühl

Research Associate (Research Group von Korflesch)

Sonja Christ-Brendemühl studied business administration at the University of Mannheim. After her studies, she has joined the German headquarters of the global workforce solutions company ManpowerGroup as Manager Communications.
Since April 2018, Sonja Christ-Brendemühl has been teaching and researching at the Institute for Management at the University of Koblenz-Landau. In February 2021, she has completed her PhD in the field of digitalization of personnel-intensive services. Sonja is currently analyzing the potential of digitization for knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) in the BMBF-funded research project "Sondierung Digitale Verwertungskette (S-DigiV)".


IRSSM Young Service Researcher Award 2019

IRSSM Best Paper Award 2019 for:

Christ-Brendemühl, S.; Schaarschmidt, M. (2019). A Dyadic Analysis of the Effects of Frontline Service Employees’ Self-efficacy on Customer Outcomes. 10th International Research Symposium in Service Management (IRSSM), Dubai, V.A.E..


Christ-Brendemühl, S. (2022). “Bridging the gap: An interview study on frontline employee responses to restaurant technology”, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. 102, 103183.

Christ-Brendemühl, S. and Schaarschmidt, M. (2022). “Customer fairness perceptions in augmented reality-based online services”, Journal of Service Management, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 9-32.

Schaarschmidt, M., Walsh, G., Dose, D. B., and Christ-Brendemühl, S. (2021). “Customer integration, fairness perceptions, and silent endurance in digital versus human service interactions”, European Management Journal, ahead-of-print.

Christ-Brendemühl, S. and Schaarschmidt, M. (2021), “Fairness Perceptions of Customer Participation in Augmented Reality-Enabled Online Services”, Naples Forum on Service, September 6-9, 2021, Anacapri.

Christ-Brendemühl, S., Schaarschmidt, M., Krämer, T., and Könsgen, Raoul (2021), “Employee electronic word-of-mouth: Employees’ coping responses to stressful reviews on employer rating sites”, eWOM Research Virtual Symposium, May 6-7, 2021, University of Southampton, UK.

Christ-Brendemühl, S. and Schaarschmidt, M. (2020), The impact of service employees’ technostress on customer satisfaction and delight: A dyadic analysis, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 117, pp. 378–388.

Christ-Brendemühl, S. and Schaarschmidt, M. (2019). Frontline backlash: Service employees' deviance from digital processes. Journal of Services Marketing, Vol. 31(7), pp. 936–945. 

Christ-Brendemühl, S.; Schaarschmidt, M. (2019). A Dyadic Analysis of the Effects of Frontline Service Employees’ Self-efficacy on Customer Outcomes. 10th International Research Symposium in Service Management (IRSSM), Dubai, V.A.E..

Christ-Brendemühl, S.; Schaarschmidt, M. (2019). Frontline Employees’ Technology-induced Job Demands and Resources: Effects on Technostress, Customer Orientation, and Customer Outcomes. Conference on Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (TIE), Darmstadt, Germany.

Christ-Brendemühl, S. and Schaarschmidt, M. (2019). Closing the gap between technological enhancement and personal expectations: A 360-degree view on technology deployment in the restaurant industry. Service Frontiers, Singapore, 07/2019.

Christ-Brendemühl, S. and Schaarschmidt, M. (2019). Technology-induced Role Ambiguity and Process Deviance among Frontline-Service Employees. European Academy of Management (EURAM), Lisboa, 06/2019.

Schaarschmidt, M., Dose, D., Christ-Brendemühl, S. and Walsh, G. (2019). Customer integration in separated digital services: Fairness perceptions and relational outcomes. Service Frontiers, Singapore, 07/2019.

Christ-Brendemühl, S.; Schaarschmidt, M. (2018). Digitization-induced Process Deviance in the Food Service Industry? How Frontline-Service Employees deal with Online Reservation Systems. 9th International Research Symposium in Service Management (IRSSM), Ljubljana, 07/2018.


"Mehr Mut zu digitalen Lösungen", Interview with Sonja Christ-Brendemühl, IHK Journal 11/12 2019. Available on: https://www.ihk-koblenz.de/blueprint/servlet/resource/blob/4571980/7611e424756737c6b44b3b6d01d98c55/ihk-journal-11-12-2019-data.pdf

Workshop presentations

Christ-Brendemühl, S. (2019). Forschungsprojekt Digitalisierte Gastronomie: Ergebnispräsentation. Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Koblenz, 05/2019.

Christ-Brendemühl, S. (2019). Wie wirkt sich Digitalisierung auf die Gastronomie aus?. Expertengespräch Sprachassistenz & Digitalisierung im Food Service Markt, Ludwigsburg, 09/2019.

Field of activities

Research Project "Sondierung Digitale Verwertungskette (S-DigiV)"