International Studies

Visiting Students (Incomings)

Visiting students - regardless if traveling within a cooperation such as ERASMUS or as freemovers - are heartily welcome at our faculty. We offer various courses for them. [read more]


Regular students from your faculty have several options for a studying abroad: an exchance semester at another university, writing their thesis abroad or international internships. [read more]


In case of organisational issues our International Office will help you. For academic and teaching-related issues contact our ERASMUS departmental coordinator. [read more]

International Students

We offer two regular, international residence programmes: a fully internationalised Master programme in Web Science and a a partially internationalised Master in E-Government.

In addition, you can enroll in our international online double degree programme Master in Information Management.

We do not offer international bachelor programmes yet.

We compiled a brief summary for International students of our national programmes 

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