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Visiting Students (Incomings)

General Help

Visiting students are most welcome at our department und have several options for a semester abroad. For general information please visit the help pages by our international office.

Academic Calendar

Our periods of lectures and lecture-free time are listed under dates and deadlines.

Course Lists

Module Desciptions

Detailed module descriptions of all courses by our department (including learning outcomes, medium of instruction, contents, literature) are included in our module manual MOMA. "DE|EN" in the column "sprache" means that by default the course is given in German and will switch to English if international students participate.

Click here for a brief overview of our modules taught in English.


Timetables and schedules can be found in our online course system called KLIPS. Make sure to select

  • the proper semester
  • "Koblenz" as the campus
  • "Fachbereich 4: Informatik" as faculty

and then a suitable programme. "Computervisualistik", "Informatik" and Web & Data Science are more computer science-oriented, "Wirtschaftsinformatik" and "Informationsmanagement" are more imformation systems/management-oriented.