Meldung EoT Lab - IoT Entwicklungs HiWi (8-12h/ Woche)
Das EoT Lab der Arbeitsgruppe EIM sucht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine studentische Hilfskraft (8-12h pro Woche) im Bereich IoT Entwicklung.
Meldung text/x-nemerle CEIR Researchers awarded DFG Research Grant Extension
The DFG has awarded a two-year extension of funding to Professor Dr. Susan Williams and Professor Dr Petra Schubert at the Center for Enterprise Information Research (CEIR) for their research project entitled “A sociotechnical framework for enterprise collaboration systems benefits realisation”.
Meldung Troff document DFG project for studying the long-term impact of Enterprise Collaboration Systems
A DFG proposal submitted by Prof. Williams (FGEIM) and Prof. Schubert (FGBAS) was given a positive response. As part of the newly launched DFG project the long-term effects of Enterprise Collaboration systems in companies are studied.