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Master Vorlesung/Seminar Enterprise Information Management

The lecture and seminar course must be taken together in the same semester to complete the course module (6ECTS).

On this web site you will find information about the following:

  • Lecture course (Vorlesung)
  • Seminar

Information in Klips:

Master Lecture Course: Advanced Enterprise Information Management




Prof. Dr. Susan Williams

Time and Place

Wednesday 9:00-12:00 Room K208

Please Note: Due to the timing of the Summer Academy, this course will be offered in 3-hour sessions over 7 weeks. The lectures and exams will all be completed before the Summer Academy begins; to give students the opportunity to participate in the Summer Academy courses.

Start date


Credit points

Lecture Course (Vorlesung) (2 SWS): 3 Credit Points

Seminar (2 SWS): 3 Credit Points

Total (4 SWS): 6 Credit Points

Course Structure

Lectures/Workshops: The module is delivered in 7 weekly sessions. Each session comprises a mix of lectures/seminars, tutorial and practical activities and group discussion activities. You are required to attend these sessions; failure to do so will seriously impair your capacity to complete the assessment items to a satisfactory standard. 
You will also be required to spend additional time each week reading the required course readings.

Seminar work: 
The seminar work is conducted in your own time. There is one compulsory checkpoint meeting for the group work that all group members must attend. For both your individual and group work you are encouraged to arrange meetings with the course coordinator as required.

Course materials 
All course materials will be placed in the course
Quickr team space.

Assessment Information

The module has two major examination assignments, 1) an individual written examination (90 minutes) for the lecture course, and 2) a group assignment for the seminar course where you will prepare a report and give a presentation about the enterprise information management software products of a key ECM/EDRMS vendor.

(90 minutes)
19/06/2013 9:30-11:0
17/07/2013 TBA
Students must pass both parts to complete the module. Each part will be graded out of 50 and the total /100 will determine the final module grade.

Lecture Course Description

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) encompasses the business and technology functions involved in the design and management of corporate information resources. The focus is on the design of useful and useable digital information products, their management across their entire lifecycle from creation to destruction and on the technologies and services to achieve this.

This course provides a comprehensive study of enterprise information management concepts and practices, and their use in achieving business objectives. The course examines the theories behind strategic information management and applies them to digital information initiatives within an organisation.

Topics covered include: information needs analysis and information audits, information and document design, information organisation and technologies for unstructured information management. Specific emphasis is placed on use-centred design, the design of usable, scalable, standards-based information resources.

Students will gain experience in undertaking information audits; information needs analysis and designing an information service.

The lecture course is closely integrated with the EIM seminar and students are required to complete both the lecture and seminar to complete the full module.