Winter 2019/20

Seite text/texmacs Projektpraktikum - Cataloguing Social Media Risk Incidents
In this PP, students will have the chance to analyse and catalogue social media risk incidents (real-world examples where social media risks occur) as well as develop concepts for a digital extensible database to collect, store and search for social media risk incidents.
Seite Forschungspraktikum - Developing IoT Use Cases and Prototypes
In this "Forschungspraktikum" (FP), students have the opportunity to conceptualize, design and develop an IoT use case, including the analysis of the business environment, developing a business case and design brief, selecting appropriate technologies as well as building the necessary smart devices and applications. In four interactive workshops, the students will learn the necessary skills, methods, technologies and approaches to develop their use case.
LsfLecture Objective-C source code Master Vorlesung/Seminar Information Design (prev. Advanced Enterprise Information Management)
LsfLecture Master Vorlesung/Seminar Information, Technology and Society
LsfLecture Proseminar EIM - Internet of Things Domains