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Cloud Services

This project is part of the research and development programme of the Enterprise Information Management Research Group (FGEIM) and Business Software Research Group (FGBAS) at the University of Koblenz-Landau.
The project is available as both a Master and/or Bachelor practicum. The work will be scoped according to the number and type (Master/Bachelor) students.

The aim of the project is to develop an information resource on the subject of Cloud Services that can be used by a small or medium sized business manager to 1) learn about what cloud services are, 2) which cloud services
are currently available and 3) to compare the offerings of different cloud service vendors.

Your team will be required to conduct research into the topic of cloud services and undertake an in-depth review of currently available cloud services. You will develop a means of analysing and presenting each service
and design and develop an information resource or app to present the findings. The material will be made available in English. The final requirements will be negotiated in the kick-off meeting.

To guide the study we are focusing our attention on the kinds of services that are available and suitable for a small to medium sized enterprise or business start up. We will begin by focusing on core business services and
business software such as ERP/ECM/CRM and then extend to other types of services. Full details will be discussed in our first project meeting.


Preliminary meeting date: 29.07.2014 14:00 A119

Slides of the first meeting can be downloaded here.

Project Kick-off meeting date: 28.10.2014 12:00 A119

Project agreement due date: mid-November 2014


Further information can be found within the project brief here:

Project brief.JPG

If you would like to participate please email Ms Verena Hausmann ( to register your interest or request further information.