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Forschungs-/ Projektpraktikum

Projektpraktikum (PP)/Forschungspraktikum (FP)

In Winter Semester 2015-16 we are offering both a Projektpraktikum and a Forschungspraktikum. Brief information about the two practica is given below.


Preliminary meeting date: 22.07.2015 12:00 A119

Project Kick-off meeting date: TBA - Week 1 WS 2015-16 A119

Project agreement due date: Week 14 WS 2015-16

If you would like to participate please email Ms Verena Hausmann ( to register your interest or request further information.

PP: Information needs analysis and information architecture re-design

In 2012 the website was first designed and launched as a joint website of the Enterprise Information Management and Business Software Research Groups. Since then it has been in use and we would now like to conduct a complete evaluation and redesign of the website to meet our new requirements. and information needs

The team involved in this PP should include students with an interest in requirements analysis, use-centred technology design, website technologies and customisation, information design and most importantly website programming and implementation.

This PP involves, but is not limited to the following activities:


  • Research on business research websites to identify good/best practices


  • Requirements gathering for the re-designed website (interviews with key users)
  • Website and logfile analysis to establish usage and limitations of the design and functionality of the IBD website.
  • Documenting all requirements decisions


  • Design and mockup of new designs (e.g. mockups, storyboards, wireframes)
  • Using current best information/website design practices prepare design prototype (information architecture planning, navigation and content re-use optimisation)
  • Coordinating design workshops with key users
  • Technical implementation

Functional and Usability Testing

  • Basic usability testing
  • Setup of web analytics plan for monitoring future website usage

FP: Lifecycle analysis and interoperability of EIM systems

In recent years has seen the emergence of a new generation of EIM systems that combine the management of business documents and communication/collaboration/coordination capabilities. Such systems are used for diverse activities such as coordination of teams, case management and project management,

In this FP we are interested in the management of the content generated in these systems across their entire lifecycle from creation to deletion and the interoperability/integration of the content and components of such systems; with a specific emphasis on the management of information over the long term.

This FP will examine key new generation EIM and related systems and:

  1. identify and model the document lifecycle in each system
  2. explore the document end of life options and information compliance support
  3. investigate data interoperability and ease of system integration

To achieve these goals will require the team to setup sandbox/example installations of the software products.