Bachelor Vorlesung/Übung Integrated Business Design

On this web site you will find information about the course: Integrated Business Design (IBD).

Please note: IBD is a Bachelor level course and is not available to Master's students.

NOTE: Integrated Business Design is not offered in  WS 2016-17

The course is intended as a capstone course that brings together different aspects of the WI programme and may also be taken by any student who has successfully completed the following courses: EWVI and at least two of: CSCW, EIM, BAS, Systemanalyse, Project Management.

The course is a 6ECTS module (lecture+exercise). The lecture and exercise are combined and must be taken together in the same semester.

The course comprises a series of lecture/workshops and attendance is required at all workshops.


Bachelor Lecture Course (Vorlesung) Integrated Business Design




Time, Place, Meetings

Wednesday 08:30-12:00

Room A213/A120

Assessment and Grading

The Grade for the complete module is allocated 50:50 between the Lecture Course (Vorlesung) examination grade and the Exercise grade. Both parts must be completed successfully in order to pass the module.

Examination (Lecture course)

The examination for the Lecture Course is a written examination (90 minutes)
Date: To be announced
Lecture Course (Vorlesung) (2 SWS): 3 Credit Points

Examination (Exercise)

The examination for the Exercise is a group report/presentation (90 minutes)
Date: To be announced
Exercise (2 SWS): 3 Credit Points

Total (4 SWS): 6 Credit Points

Lecture Course Description

In times of increasing competition companies need managers who are able to analyse, design and develop innovative and sustainable information systems (IS)-enabled business concepts. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of a range of business research methods for their professional practice. The course will enable participants to analyse and propose IS-enabled change for a given company.

The course is designed around a model of experiential and collaborative learning. The students will critique, experiment with and evaluate the discussed concepts, methods and techniques in mini workshops and apply them in a group project. Participants will be put in the role of innovative business managers working on an IS-enabled business innovation and will identify challenges, prepare alternative designs and create feasible solutions. Topics covered in the lectures include:

  • Environmental scanning and external business analysis
  • Internal business analysis and competitor analysis
  • IS-enabled business change
  • Identifying and presenting the concepts and benefits of IS-enabled business change
  • Develop and design innovative business concepts and cases
  • Critically evaluate the available methods and successfully apply tools and techniques.

Exercise Description

Exercise Integrated Business Design

The exercise is conducted in combination with the lectures and involves business research and the design of an IS-enabled change in a case study organisation.

Full details of the lecture and exercise requirements will be provided in the first lecture in Week 1 of Semester.