Forschungspraktikum - Issues Analysis of Social Media Risks

Forschungspraktikum (FP): Issues Analysis of Social Media Risks

In the Winter Semester 2017-18 we are offering a Forschungspraktikum. Brief information is given below.


Kick-off meeting date: 18th October 2017 1400 - 15:00, A119

If you would like to participate in the FP please email Ms Clara Greeven (cgreeven at prior to the kick-off meeting to register your interest. Please include in your email i) your course name and ii) a brief paragraph explaining your interest in this topic.

FP: Overview

Social Media Risks: Issues Analysis

This work builds on our earlier work on Business and Professional Risks of Social Media and is an in-depth analysis of risk incidents. The student will:

1.     Collect examples of SM risk events and analyse them as risk incidents: identifying stakeholders, artefacts, events and consequences.

2.     Develop a method for analysing and visualising these events

3.     Synthesise the findings from multiple events to identify the nature, scope an risk profile of these events.

4.     Compare the findings with our existing Social Media Risk classification


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