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Projektpraktikum - Iot Use Cases

In this PP students will gain a deep understanding of IoT and learn how to conceptualise and develop high detailed high quality and appropriate use cases in the area of IoT.

Projektpraktikum (PP) IoT Use Cases

In Winter Semester 2018-19 we are offering a Projektpraktikum.


If you would like to participate in the PP please email Mr Patrick Nitschke (nitschke at uni-koblenz.de) to register your interest. Please include in your email i) your course name and ii) a brief paragraph explaining your interest in this topic.

PP: Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) is deemed to have an impact on everyone’s everyday life. Its IoT applications will interface with both, the physical and digital world, offering services and information anytime, everywhere. However, these grand and cloudy visions of a digital (-physical) IoT enable future needs to be instantiated and made clear. One way to do this, is to create high quality, in depth and appropriate use cases.

Hence, this PP will focus on creating a catalogue of IoT use cases based on a predefined use case template. The template will be used to guide the work through the creation of the first use cases. Afterwards, the participants will create their own cases, based on their own ideas and vision of IoT.

The aim of this catalogue is twofold. Firstly, a catalogue of high quality IoT use cases helps to instantiate the vision(s) of IoT by embedding them into a real-world application context. By doing so, the feasibility and appropriateness for the of the use case itself and IoT in general with respect to the application context will be evaluated. Secondly, this PP will test the use case template and identify missing elements or revise existing elements to further refine the use case template and provide the foundation for the later development of a development approach for IoT use cases and applications.

The work has four main phases:

1. Review selected literature and gain a general understanding of IoT.

    • Deliverable: Preparation of brief research report / presentation of the key elements and aspects of IoT.

2. Interactive development of a first use case together with the teaching staff. A common context will be selected, and a use case will be developed in detail. This will be in the form of interactive, weekly workshops.

    • Deliverable: First use case based on given use case template.

3. Independent development of use cases.

    • Deliverable: At least two use cases per participant, based on the use case template.
    • Deliverable: Publishing use cases as a document and as a blog post on the research group web page, using appropriate media to enrich the use cases.

4. (and ongoing) Evaluation of the use case template.

    • Deliverable: Suggestions for improving the use case template.


If you have already formed a team of 6-8 people who want to work together on this project, then contact us with a short overview of your team members and motivation for participating in this practicum.