Bachelor Vorlesung/Übung Enterprise Information Management


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Update 17.04.2020 (20:00) - Students that want to take the course Enterprise Information Management in SS2020 and are not registered in KLIPS or cannot register in KLIPS must send an E-Mail to Patrick Nitschke (E-Mail Address see at the bottom).

Update 06.04.2020 (16:00) - The course "Enterprise Information Management" will be offered as an online course, starting in week 17 (20-25.04.2020). In order to participate in this course, you need an account for UniConnect. Instructions for creating an account can be found here:

All students enrolled for the course in KLIPS will be added to the community in UniConnect and receive further information.

Please note: During this course you need to submit fortnightly assignments. The first submission is scheduled for the 01.05.2020. You cannot take this course if you enroll after the first submission. Make sure to enroll in KLIPS beforehand.


Update 18.03.2020 (14:15) - The course “Enterprise Information Management” is among the courses which are affected. We are currently working on an online concept for the course in order to enable you to take this course remotely.

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Course Information

This course provides an integrated view of managing information across its entire lifecycle, from its creation, through organisation and use to its final archiving and/or destruction. Specific attention is paid to maximising the overall value of information within an organisation and meeting increasingly complex information compliance requirements.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to EIM
  • Documents and document management
  • Information lifecycle management
  • Document and records management systems
  • Information asset management:
  • Information Governance and compliance

Course entry requirements

This is a Bachelor course. The lecture and exercise course must be taken together in the same semester to complete the course module (6ECTS).

Note: To participate in this course in Summer Semester 2020 you must:

  1. Register in KLIPS before the first session
  2. Attend the first lecture session
  3. Create an account for UniConnect.

Note: Despite extended enrolment-phases in KLIPS, only registrations before the first session are valid. Students trying to register after the first session, or in a later enrolment-phase, cannot participate.

If you do not meet these requirements you will not be able to take the course in SS2020.

Credit points

Module (Lecture + Exercise) (4 SWS): 6 Credit Points

Students must complete both assessment items to pass the module. Each item will be graded out of 50 and the total /100 will determine the final module grade.

Course materials

All course materials will be placed in the course community in UniConnect. Please register in UniConnect in order to get an invitation to the community.

Note: All documents (slides, script, literature) will be in English.

Assessment Information

Lecture: TBA Date: TBA

Exercise: TBA Date(s): TBA

Note: The examination work is in English./

Note: These dates and times are subject to change. They will not be updated here. Updates are available in the respective course community in UniConnect.

Coordinators & Contact

Please contact Mr. Patrick Nitschke regarding questions.