Projektpraktikum Overview and Analysis of Content Service Platforms

Projektpraktikum Overview and Analysis of Content Service Platforms

Note: This course will be offered in an online format.


To register for the course you must contact <nitschke[at]>. You will then be invited to the online kick-off meeting.

The kick-off meeting will be on the 14.10.2020 14:00. Invitations for the meeting will be sent to registered students.


Content services platforms have been defined as the next generation of content management systems. Traditional content and document management vendors are starting to offer content services and the market is seeing a number of new entrants. This PP involves research into the existing status of content services platforms and an in-depth analysis of the CSP technologies and services.

Project practicum students will:

  1. Undertake  business research to identify key trends and developments in content services platforms and identify key vendors in the CSP area
  2. Conduct and in-depth analysis of CSP offerings from key vendors and create a classification to enable the comparison and analysis of system types., e.g. functionality offered, delivery models, focus/emphasis of vendor offerings
  3. Synthesies and organise these findings and present the information in a digital resource/tool