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Projektpraktikum Social Media Risk Profiling

Projektpraktikum Social Media Risk Profiling

Note: This course will be offered in an online format.


To register for the course you must contact <nitschke[at]>. You will then be invited to the online kick-off meeting.

The kick-off meeting will be on the 14.10.2020 14:00. Invitations for the meeting will be sent to registered students.


Social media platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, are indispensable tools for professionals and business organisations for communicating with their stakeholders. However, the usage of social media bring a variety of different risk types , for example blurring boundaries, loss of content control, uncertainty about ownership, loss of reputation, or violation of privacy laws.


This PP  is part of our wider research programme on business and professional risks of social media. Specifically, the PP work builds on our existing social media risk categorisation and method for risk profiling to build a database of social media risk incidents. Risk incidents are specific events that have happened in a real-world setting and may include occurrences of one or more social media risk types.


Project practicum students will:

  1. Organise and extend our existing collection of risk incidents.
  2. Apply our existing social media risk categorisation and method for risk profiling to analyse and structure risk incidents in a uniform way.
  3. Build a digital tool for the collection and management of social media risk incidents (programming skills and database knowledge required).