Master Vorlesung/Seminar Information Design


  • The course will be primarily delivered online
  • The course is limited to 30 students. To participate you must first apply and be accepted. (see information below)
  • The course begins on Wednesday 27th October 10:00



  1. Have a UniConnect account. If you do not have a UniConnect account please register for an account via the UniConnect Self Service using your University e-mail address.
  2. Fill out the application form with your UniConnect account by Wednesday 2oth October 10:00 a.m. at the latest. The accepted students will be informed by Friday 22nd October 17:00. on UniConnect
  3. Be registered in KLIPS by Monday 25th October at the latest

Master Lecture Course: Information Design



Credit points:

Lecture/seminar course  (4 SWS): 6 Credit Points

Lecture Course Description

Digital information and communication technologies are transforming work and organisations in unprecedented ways and at all levels, from the work processes and practices of individual employees and organisations and the business models driving business innovation to changes in the places and spaces where work happens.

In 2020, as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, this change has accelerated and Work From Home (WFH) became the new normal for many organisations and employees. In the past year several large organisations (e.g. Atlassian, BP, REI) have announced that they will not return to the old ways of working and will adopt a new model of work. What this model will be is to yet clear, however what is clear is that it will include some WFH and the increased use of communication and collaboration technologies. This raises questions about the design of the digital workplace, collaboration technologies, and work processes to support these new modes of working.

In enterprise collaboration systems documents (and in particular social documents) are the main artefact for communicating and coordinating work. In this course, we will examine how documents are social objects and have become key artefacts of the digital workplace. In order to function effectively, these documents must be clearly structured and organised. Therefore, our focus is on the design of information products and services to enable employees to communicate information efficiently and to coordinate work effectively.

The course provides students with a comprehensive overview of information design theory and practical experience with a range of design research methods relevant to their future professional practice. Using HCL Connections as an example system, the course will enable participants to evaluate business information and design information products and services that deliver business information to key stakeholders.

The course focuses on two key themes:

i) human-centred information design and

ii) design research methods and information organisation and visualisation methods for the design of digital information services and products.


Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Information Design
  • The Digital Workplace - communication and coordination of collaborative work
  • Document Design - information structuring and social documents
  • User-centred design and design research methods
  • Information organisation - navigation and information architecture
  • Coordination mechanisms
  • Narrative visualisation and the visualisation of time


Course Structure (provisional)

Lectures/ Workshops: The module is delivered in online weekly sessions.

Each session comprises a mix of lectures/seminars, practical and group discussion activities. You are required to complete all of these sessions/activities; failure to do so will seriously impair your capacity to complete the assessment items to a satisfactory standard. 
You will also be required to spend additional time each week reading the required course readings.

Seminar work: The seminar work is a group assignment that will be worked on in class and extended and completed in your own time. There is one compulsory checkpoint meeting for the group work that all group members must attend. For both your individual and group work you are encouraged to arrange individual meetings with the course coordinator as required.

Course materials.

All course materials will be placed in the course will be uploaded to the course UniConnect community