Projektpraktikum Structured Analysis of Content Services Platforms

Projektpraktikum Structured Analysis of Content Services Platforms

Note: This course is currently planned to be offered in an online format.


To register for the course, you must contact Carolin Blankenberg (cblankenberg@]

Please include for each student:

  • degree course name
  • a brief paragraph explaining personal interest in the topic
  • a transcript of records

Once finally accepted, you will then be invited to the kick-off meeting and you will be able to register for the PP in KLIPS.

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Important Dates

The kick-off meeting will be held in calendar week 43. The invitations for the meeting will be sent to registered students. The exact date will be communicated to the registered students.

Topic Description

Content services platforms have been defined as the next generation of content management systems. Traditional content and document management vendors are starting to offer content services, and the market sees several new entrants. Consequently, there is a need to understand the focus and purpose of these systems. Also, what is the value offered to organizations?

The research objective is to investigate the structure and functionality of the different software solutions and compare them to identify different types/focus areas,  A three-phase approach with different levels of granularity per phase will be applied:

Phase 1: Broad screening of system types

Preliminary structuring of system types:     

  • Focus areas
  • Functionalities
  • Business areas covered

Phase 2: In-depth analysis of selected systems

  • Creation of a list of characteristics
  • Demonstration of tool

 Phase 3: Deriving implications and drawing the big picture

Based on the findings from phase 1 and phase 2:

  • Derivation of similarities and differences
  • Building of an overall representation that frames the types of systems   
  • Writing the report

Course Coordinators

Please contact Jens Alberts regarding questions.