Proseminar Awareness Mechanisms

Note: This course will be offered in an online format.


Contact Carolin Blankenberg <cblankenberg [at]> via e-mail to be invited to the online kick-off meeting.


The aim of the Proseminar is to help students develop their academic research and research writing skills. To achieve this, students will work in-depth on a specific topic and report their findings in the form of an academic report. Additionally, students are required to present their findings in the form of a final presentation. 


The Proseminar will address the topic of Awareness Mechanisms in the context of the digital workplace. Students will conduct a short literature review on the topic of Awareness Mechanisms and then analyse an Enterprise Collaboration Platform to identify and understand the different types of Awareness Mechanisms that are supported.

The deliverables of the Proseminar will be twofold. Firstly, a research report must be created. Secondly, the participants of the Proseminar will create a poster or presentation which summarises the key findings of their research and will be presented to the Proseminar group and supervisors in a presentation session. 

The tasks to be performed in the Proseminar are as follows:

  1. Select, explore, analyse and report on a specific topic.
  2. Create a research report on your findings.
  3. Create a poster or presentation summarising your findings.
  4. Present your findings.


Students must be present in all meetings. The following things must be worked on:

  1. Literature Spreadsheet.
  2. Intermediate feedback session.
  3. Academic report (12-15 pages).
  4. Poster or presentation, and presentation session

Please note: Further details about the topics discussed in the first meeting.

Time plan


27.10.2021 14:00

Kick-off meeting

(Online meeting invitations will be sent via e-mail)

TBA Intermediate feedback session
TBA Finish research report
TBA Poster session


Organisation and work places

A UniConnect community will be used to handle organisation and provide a work place (e.g. file sharing, task management, etc.) for the participants.

Course Coordinators

Please contact Carolin Blankenberg regarding questions.