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The development and use of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions within large enterprises has increased significantly in recent years. However, whilst small and medium-sized enterprises may also utilise and benefit from these technological developments, they are not always able to seize the opportunities IoT can bring about for their company. In cooperation with HUEBINET Informationsmanagement and the Handwerkskammer Koblenz, the project “Mittelstand 4.0 – Digitales Handwerk” was initiated to train skilled craftsperson in the area of Enterprise of Things (EoT) and introduce them to key use cases and scenarios that can be embedded in, enhance, or substitute their existing business processes to deliver new or improved business products and services. The EIM Research Group is responsible for basic research into EoT in our Enterprise of Things Lab and delivering the training workshops in cooperation with the Handwerkskammer Koblenz and HUEBINET Informationsmanagement.


Drittmittelgeber: Handwerksammer Koblenz


Enterprise of Things Lab

The EoT Lab has a two-fold aim. Firstly, it is to foster a research community that is a source of high quality scientific knowledge about the nature, development and impact of the Enterprise of Things. Secondly, it is to be a place where University of Koblenz students can develop their skills and knowledge about the Internet of Things and gain experiences with the emerging technologies and platforms. The EoT Lab encompasses an environment for student research and practical courses and theses as well as for cooperation projects with industry partners such as “Digitales Handwerk”.



IndustryConnect is a practice based research community undertaking research in the areas of digital transformation and the digital workplace.

Launched in early 2015 IndustryConnect is an initiative of CEIR (Center for Enterprise Information Systems Research) a cooperation project between the Enterprise Information Management Research Group (FGEIM) and the Business Software Research Group (FGBAS). The IndustryConnect community is led and coordinated by the CEIR Team at the University in Koblenz who are working with over 40 individuals representing 21 member organisations. Participating companies are all leading users of Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS) and represent a range of industries, including footwear retailing, electronic components, sound systems, aviation, vehicle inspections, chemical/construction products, construction services, auto-motive components, public administration services and others.

IndustryConnect aims to study ECS implementation and adoption issues,  exchange knowledge and experiences between the members, and develop new insights and understandings about the complex socio-technical change surrounding ECS and the evolving digital workplace.




Developing an Information Capabiliy

The project "Developing an Information Capability" is a joint project of the University of Koblenz (Prof. Williams) and the University of Sydney (Hardy, Ph.D.). The aim is to investigate and understand the problems and challenges in the area of enterprise information management by means of surveys and case studies. It is to be examined how companies can achieve effective information management.


Information Design Lab

The Information Design Lab is a research and test environment for projects of the research group FGEIM as well as students. Here, "human-centred technology" design methods are used to improve the design and usability of information products such as websites, electronic documents, software applications, etc.

There is a separate website, which reports on various projects:


Passport 2 Trade 2.0

The EU project "Passport to Trade 2.0", launched by the University of Salford, UK, was supported by the FGBAS. The content of this project was the creation of an Internet platform where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as students can inform themselves about other European countries.

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