The primary focus of our research is on the effective design, management and protection of information assets across their entire lifecycle from their point of creation through to their final archiving or destruction.

In today’s fast changing business world organisations face a number of significant challenges when managing the growing volume and types of digital information. The range of information technologies, devices  and systems for creating, organizing, managing and protecting information products is also expanding, leading to problems in controlling and managing information, especially where information may be stored on mobile devices and in cloud services. In addition, the legal and regulatory landscape is becoming ever more complex, placing a significant compliance burden on organisations; making the management of information products more challenging.

Our research programme is directed at assisting organisations to meet these challenges by developing better EIM tools and methods and contributing to the advancement of knowledge about information design and management more broadly.

Our research group uses practice theories and theories of sociotechnical change to examine developments in information design and management. We are currently undertaking research in the following areas:

  • Designing the Digital Workplace
  • Enterprise of Things
  • Content and collaboration systems
  • ECM systems evaluation
  • Documentary practices and social business content
  • Use-centred technology design and organisational usability
  • Information audit and information needs analysis
  • EIM systems and benefits realisation management

For further information about our research and projects visit our research lab homepage: Information Design Lab