Assignment of theses

Note: Theses in the RG Riehle are usually NOT pure literature reviews but include the development of small prototypes or the collection and analysis of data. Below is a list of suggested topics. It is also possible to submit your own suggested topics. Prerequisite for supervision is previous attendance of a corresponding lecture in the topic area. Additionally, we recommend an exam grade of good or better.

Application for a topic

Please proceed as follows when applying for thesis supervision:

  1. Contact the respective supervisor responsible for your topic via e-mail.
  2. Briefly explain your motivation for the targeted topic.
  3. In the attachment to your e-mail, send an excerpt of your previous academic achievements so that we can see which subjects you have successfully completed.
  4. Indicate the date when you would like to write the thesis (from/until).

We will be happy to explain the detailed terms of reference to you in a personal meeting afterwards. Please note: A condition for supervision is the acceptance of a research proposal written by you. You will receive the necessary assistance from your chosen supervisor.

Research Proposal

For all theses, a research proposal of approx. 1-2 pages must be prepared before starting the work. The exposé template is to be used for this purpose. Please send this synopsis to your supervisor for further coordination.

Writing the thesis

The processing time for your thesis can be found in your examination regulations; as a rule, this is six months. When writing your thesis, you must adhere to the layout guidelines of our working group, for which we will provide you with appropriate templates: