Since a while the buzzword LivingLab has emerged in applied research and the European Commission also calls for this concept. In particular the transfer of new technologies and research concepts into practice should thereby be pushed and become easier. But, the LivingLabs also have the aim to explore and test new developments in an active and lively lab environment. On doing so, practical oriented development and testing of new solutions come to the force. The research group E-Government established such a LivingLab at the campus Koblenz.

Make e-Government comprehensible

With the eGov LivingL@b, the research group aims to work out and to further develop innovative ICT- and application concepts in the area of e-Government and in the framework of cooperation with business and government. The eGov LivingL@b will provide a collaborative environment to work up various research-, development- and implementation relevant questions:

  • Strategic and forward-looking development of ideas
  • Analysis and modeling of system concepts:
    • Data and document structures
    • Processes and workflows within an organization, but especially across organizations
    • System architectures
    • User models
  • Requirement engineering
  • Process reengineering, monitoring and evaluation
  • Interface and interoperability requirements
  • Transformation of models into executable code (in particular the transformation of process models into workflow instances and individual services within a SOA architecture
  • New technologies in a complex field of application
  • Theoretical concepts and methods in different contexts (Proof of concept)

For whom and with whom?

With the eGov LivingL@b, the research group E-Government provides on the one hand a platform of cooperation with IT industry and governments. The aim is to advance E-Government application in cooperation with the research group in an academic and stimulating environment. On the other hand, the eGov LivingL@b especially offers the students of the computer science departments at the University of Koblenz an environment for interesting and practical project-internships, research-internships, bachelor thesis etc. Participation in various application and research projects is supported in particular. Thereby future system and process analysts, system and process designers, IT managers and consultants should practice in a praxis-oriented environment with new technologies to acquire important skills. A unique feature of the eGov LivingLab is that through the cooperation projects and courses the peculiarities of the public sector in the context of ICT use can be taught. Thereby attention is paid to a holistic and  multidisciplinary approach. Within its lectures and with the eGov LivinL@b, the team of the research group E-Government particular addresses students of the Masters courses of information systems, information management, computer science and computational visualistics. However, also Bachelor students of information management and computer science can develop different tasks of system and process analysis within Bachelor thesis and project work experience in the eGov LivingL@b. In the collaborative environment of the laboratory students can familiarize themselves with different modeling tools for business process analysis and modeling and solve tasks individually or within team work.