Period: Mar 01, 2006 - Feb 28, 2009
Status: abgeschlossen

BRITE was an Integrated Project funded under the European Commission's sixth framework programme: Information Society Technologies IST. The project started on the 1st of March 2006, and was funded for 3 years. The Business Registers are amongst those public operators that are deeply affected by EU Company Law. There is no EU-wide instrument allowing them to adapt in a coordinated manner; BRITE was an initiative that Business Registers have taken to explore how to effectively respond to legislative changes and contribute to building up the EU market. BRITE assessed the changes that the new EU Legislation imposes on the Business Registers and other main actors in domains of activity. Specifically, BRITE set out to develop and pilot advanced ICT and organizational cross-border solutions for public operators active in cross-border Business Registration and in sub-domains of e-Government financial transparency, financial crime prevention and e-procurement.

To achieve its goals, BRITE undertook research in knowledge management,  implemented and demonstrated novel ICT engineering and established a new European cooperation instrument where a class of public bodies could meet to define, coordinate and implement effective strategies and tools in response to the changes imposed to them by the new EU laws and new market requirements. BRITE created a unique information source and mechanism for EU policy makers to assess the impact of their laws on the EU market actors.

Project partner

European Business Register EEIG, BE
Metaware, IT

Software AG, DE
German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, DE
Enterprise Registry Solutions Limited ,IRL InfoCamere S.c.p.A., I

Camera di Commercio di Venezia, I
Companies Registration Office, IRL
Colegio de Registradores, ES

TB Solutions, ES
Bolagsverket, SE
Bronnoysundregistrene Centre, NO

Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, DK
University of Pisa, I
University of Koblenz, DE

Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, IRL
European Corporate Governance Institute, BE
Athens Chamber of Commerce, GR

Financial Law Institute, BE




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