(EATrains2 )

Period: Jan 01, 2009 - Dec 31, 2010
Status: abgeschlossen

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a widely accepted means in order to enable organizations to gain back control over their IT systems, to lower costs and to accelerate decision making. EA is essential for organizations for both the public and private sector as it allows them to align complex business processes and it enables them an integrated vision and a global perspective of informational resources. Following an EA is mandatory by law (Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996) for all public authorities in the USA. However, in Europe only a few universities have specialized courses in EA and the relevant VET courses that exist have significant enrollment fees. On other hand the required competencies from an Enterprise Architect still needs clarification.

At the same time the nature of the Internet has begun to change. The “Social Web” and Web 2.0 are terms that can be used to illustrate this change. They describe a subset of interactions that are highly social, conversational and participatory.  These characteristics of “Social Web” and Web 2.0 applications provide opportunities for innovative pedagogies and practices for education and training.

The aim of this project was to identify the training and educational needs of employees in both public and private sector and university students regarding EA and to fulfill these using innovative pedagogies and practices based on Web 2.0 technologies and active, problem-based learning approaches.

The main outputs of this project includes:

  • An EA learning ontology that will include a complete specification of the skills, knowledge and attitudes university students in an EA-related undergraduate course and employees of private and public organizations need to acquire in order to become competent Enterprise Architects.
  • An innovative EA active, problem-based learning methodology (i.e. new educational and VET practices and methods) that capitalises on the principles of Web 2.0 and the related technologies.
  • A Web 2.0 EA learning platform to support the EA active, problem-based learning methodology and hence underpins the training and learning processes.
  • An EA undergraduate course for university students in the area of EA. The educational material will be available in two languages (English and Greek).
  • An EA VET course for employees in private enterprises. The training material will be available in two languages (English and German).
  • An EA VET course for employees in the public sector. The training material will be available in two languages (English and Polish).
  • Pilot courses for university students, public sector employees and private sector employees.

It was anticipated that this project had an impact on the VET and university level education methods used for teaching and training multidisciplinary and state of the art content. In addition, it had impact on the educational level and employability of university students and the efficiency of both public and private sector employees.

Project partner

University of Macedonia (UOM)
Aalborg University (AAU)

BOC Asset Management GmbH (BOC)
“Cities on Internet” Association (COI)
National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)



Questionnaire for eliciting the needs of students for being prepared for a job as enterprise architect.