Period: Jan 01, 2008 - Jul 01, 2010
Status: abgeschlossen

MOMENTUM (Monitoring, Coordinating and Promoting the European Union eParticipation Projects and Initiatives) project aimed to monitor the existing eParticipation projects co-funded by European Commission, to consolidate their results and provide feedback to them and to the respective EC bodies and other designated stakeholders, advancing the high-level political and institutional engagement. Furthermore, MOMENTUM also:

  • Promoted the output of European Union eParticipation projects and initiatives towards stakeholders in the various member states and internationally.
  • Processed and disseminated the results and achievements of the projects in a way that citizens can understand – further strengthening the public participation in electronic decision-making applications.
  • Interacted with existing projects, utilising their already developed networking and knowledge management infrastructures.
  • Become a connecting network, towards ideas, innovations and state of the art / state of practice examples concerning eParticipation advancements in Europe.

The project consortium consisted of 5 partners from 4 different EU member states, bringing together the innovative know how of academic and research institutions, the deployment capabilities of the IT industry and the administrative experience of highly specialized consulting firms.

Furthermore, the MOMENTUM team is reinforced by the presence of an independent Experts group, comprising of high-caliber international eParticipation and eGovernment experts from Europe and US. These experts will participate in events organised by the project where they will serve as invited speakers and at the same time during the relevant discussion sessions provide feedback on the project developments and results. The interaction with these external experts will also bring valuable know how and best practices in the field of eparticipation to the existing eparticipation projects.



Project partner

Athens Technology Center (ATC), Greece (Project Coordinator)
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece
International Center of Excellence for Local eDemocracy (ICELE), UK

University of Koblenz-Landau (UKL), Germany
Politech Institute, Belgium




Bicking, Melanie; Wimmer, Maria A. (2009): Evaluation Framework To Assess eParticipation Projects In Europe.. In: Electronic Participation: Proceedings of Ongoing Research, General Development Issues and Projects of ePart 2009, 1st International Conference, ePart 2009 Linz, Austria, September 1-3, 2009. Linz, Austria: Universitätsverlag Rudolf Trauner. S. 73-82.