Period: Jan 01, 2013 - Aug 20, 2023
Status: laufend

This Twinning Project supports the Data Exchage Agency (DEA) of the Ministry of Justice in Georgia. The aim of the agency is to coordinate e-governance development, establishment of data exchange infrastructure, ensuring information and cyber security.

In order to get closer to EU standards of e-governance, Georgia needs to enhance teh institutional and capacity building, to ensure the coordination of e-government development as well as the creation of a legal, regulatory and technical environment. EU experts woll assist the DEA in this pattern.


The main objective of the project is the strengthening DEA's capacities that will support the implementation of the best and the most suitable e-reforms in Georgia.

What is e-Governance?

Electronic (digital) governance is an effective tool for carring out public administration through the use of informational and communicaton technologies.

One of the models for e-governance is a one-stop portal where citizens have easy access to a variety of information services.

Why e-Governance?

  • It greatly simplifies the process of information accumulation, information sharing and providing e-services for citizens, private and public sector.
  • It empowers people to get involved in the process of decision making.
  • It makes Government services equally available and accessible.

Project Components

Component 1: Legal/Regulatory Framework

The component is aimed at development of the legal, regulatory framework on e-Government (including e-Commerce law, Information security/cyber security law).

Component 2: Interoperability Framework

The component is aimed at establishment of the interoperability framework within which Government institutions will use common standards for information storage and sharing.

Component 3: Knowledge Acquiring

It means acquirement of knowledge and skills in: e-Governance, Georgian Government Network Management, Information Security.

Component 4: Strategic Paper "e-Georgia"

Development of the strategic paper of E-Georgia, and an Action Plan (roadmap) on e-Governance.

Component 5: Communication Strategy

Adoption and implementation of a Communication Plan with special emphasises on information security.