Period: Jan 01, 2008 - Dec 31, 2009
Status: abgeschlossen

The project VoicE was designed as a citizen-driven trial project for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and for the Valencia region in Spain, assessing the feasibility of a regional and issue-specific approach towards eParticipation in the EU. VoicE established the award-wining platform GOV2DEMOSS with the objective to promote the dialogue between citizens from European regions and policy makers from the European parliament, the Assembly of Regions, other EU institutions as well as regional assemblies - by means of innovatice ICT. In terms of contents, the project focused on the policy field of consumer protection in the EU.

The project targeted at the following legislative processes:

  • the legislation proposal information stage
  • the debate on draft legislation


This project was co-funded by the EC within the eParticipation Preparatory Action

Project partner

Medien und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Dirección General de Modernización de Valencia, Spain
Gov2U, Greece

Europa Zentrum Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Fundación Comunidad Valenciana - Región Europea, Spain
University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

EuroSoc - Think tank for the European decisions, Germany
Ministry for Nutrition and Rural areas, Germany
Ministry of the State, Germany




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