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Period: Nov 10, 2013 - Nov 10, 2016
Status: abgeschlossen
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High level consultancy and studies are seen as provision of customized and individual, non-standard information for high-level technical and strategic issues. This kind of consultancy may be needed in the context of:
  • The use of ICT to support the implementation of EU legislation and policies
  • ICT governance (e.g. on IT strategy, enterprise architecture, methodologies, Business Process Modelling, sourcing strategies, IT skills, IT performance measurement, metadata management, semantics and semantics interoperability, etc.);
  • Trans-European Interoperability and e-government services; 
  • Information systems (e.g. on Service Oriented Architecture) or studies for strategic projects;
  • ICT infrastructure (e.g. on product management, on telecoms, on green data centre).
In practical terms, consultancy is provided as on-demand services including assistance or coaching by senior consultants, workshops and specific deliverables like questionnaires or detailed studies or analyses, evaluation surveys, (mid-term and final) reviews and monitoring of the performance of projects' activities.


Commission - Service contract - DIGIT/R2/PO/2013/004

Project partner

KPMG Advisory SpA
Trasys SA
Kurt Salmon France SAS