KoMePol - mPart

KoMePol - mPart
Period: Jan 01, 2012 - Aug 10, 2022
Status: laufend

Research Focus "Communication, Media and Politics"

The research focus „Communication, Media and Politics" aims at creating an innovative contribution in the field of political communication. Core research activities deal with the individual perception and processing of contents of political communication as well as interactions between these processes with political and technical conditions. A special focus lies on new web-bases interactive media. To reach this aim, researchers from political science, communication research, psychology and computer sciences cooperate closely. The research focus thus concentrates the expertise of these disciplines. By institutionalizing interdisciplinary research, new perspectives on prevailing questions of political communication research can be opened up in which individual predispositions as well as perception, processing and acting structures play a central role.

The research focus thus pursues a micro-analytical approach to political communication. The activities of recipients and individual models of information processing come to the fore. The methods used for gathering and analysing data are manifold. Still, experimental designs and quantitative methods are of major importance. Likewise, we focus on theories, approaches and concepts of media, reception, cognition, emotional and social psychology for describing and explaining empirical relationships. At the same time also real-world conditions in which political communication takes place are provided for. Perceiving and processing political information is not solely studied in laboratory settings but also within the context of societal and institutional structures of persons which act in the political sphere, real-world events and technical conditions. Hence, this enables us to derive conclusions about the impact of this context on the usage, perception and influence of political information and the resulting consequences for the political system.

In this framework 23 researchers from different disciplines work closely together in ten subprojects which all deal with political communication, e.g. political communication via Smartphone, personalization of political communication or reasons for using social media for political communication (overview of subprojects). Besides the subprojects, work concentrates on the joint development and enhancement of concepts which play an important role for political communication in times of web-based media. One of these concepts is trust which is quintessential in all participating disciplines. Bases on this work it is the aim of the research focus to become institutionalized as a research group funded by the German National Research Foundation (DFG) in the long run.

The research group E-Government collaborates with the research groups IT Risk Management and Business Communication Systems in the KoMePol subproject mPart.

mPart - Mobile Participation

In the mPart project, it is studied how trust in modern technologies for web-based direct interaction contributes to the understanding of political communication using new media. The focus of the project lies on technological developments, used for political participation with mobile devices. On the one side, the study analyses confidence and trust in a functioning, non-abusive-driven technology, in particular the trust, that privacy is protected and the technology can be used without inhibition. On the other side, it analyses trust in the possibilities to take political influence associated with the use of these technologies.



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