Period: Sep 01, 2012 - Aug 10, 2022
Status: laufend

As the Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project reached a successful completion at the end of August 2012, with the PEPPOL specifications being implemented across Europe, the OpenPEPPOL Association, comprised of public and private members of the PEPPOL community, is taking over responsibilities for PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services and promoting implementation across Europe.

OpenPEPPOL is under establishment as a non-profit international association under Belgian law (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif – AISBL) that began official operations on September 1st, 2012.

The purpose of OpenPEPPOL is to enable European businesses to easily deal electronically with any European public sector buyers in their procurement processes, thereby increasing opportunities for greater competition for government contracts and providing better value for tax payers’ money.

The Association will provide the authoritative point of reference for networks of interoperable, PEPPOL-compliant infrastructure and the organisations that use it, ensuring high level governance and continuation of the agreement infrastructure. OpenPEPPOL will strive to set widely accepted technology standards and specifications, ensuring sustainability while promoting and supporting the wider use of the PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services.

Business to business use of the PEPPOL-compliant infrastructure and use of PEPPOL-components in other areas beyond procurement are also recognised as important and will be encouraged by the Association. Use of the PEPPOL components and specifications outside Europe should also be possible.

The main goals of OpenPEPPOL are as follows:

  1. Encourage European governments and their suppliers to continue implementing eProcurement using the PEPPOL specifications and promoting best practices.
  2. Encourage the development of innovative PEPPOL-based ICT products and services, promoting their use also in the Business to Business context to harmonise processes across the private and public sectors, simplifying eProcurement adoption for small and medium sized enterprises.
  3. Ensure that the PEPPOL network continues to grow in an open, accessible and compliant manner, supporting interoperability for European public services and helping Europe move towards a Digital Single Market.

The ownership and future development and maintenance of the PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services have been handed over to OpenPEPPOL. Several organisations of all sizes, within and outside the OpenPEPPOL community, such as service providers, ICT vendors and end users are investing resources to support PEPPOL in their platforms, solutions and services. PEPPOL is currently being implemented in several European countries to date and interest is now increasing outside of the EU.

Project members

A detailed list of all project members can be found here.