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Sabrina Scherer

Former member
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Sabrina Scherer is researcher, lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Koblenz-Landau. She studied Computer Science with Business Administration as a complimentary subject at the Saarland University, Germany. After her graduation, she worked as a software engineer in analysis, modelling, implementation and evaluation of software applications and project management. Since June 2007, she joins the Research Group on ICT in the public sector, thereby focusing on research in e-participation:

  • In the LEX-IS project she worked on the requirements analysis, modelling and evaluation of legislative processes and was responsible for the implementation of the pilot project in Austria. Therefore she analysed relevant legal drafts and prepared them for discussions and analyses with pupils. The subsequent impact assessment of the legal draft resulted in an official statement submitted to the Austrian Parliament.
  • Sabrina Scherer was responsible for the evaluation and dissemination of the e-participation project VoicE and requirements analysis, evaluation and dissemination in the follow-up e-participation project VoiceS.
  • In the OCOPOMO project, she brought in her experience in the conceptual design of a participation platform for policy impact analysis. In addition, she was responsible for the conceptualisation, design and implementation of the Consistent Conceptual Description (CCD) tool, which supports the analysis of policies and conceptualisation of policy models for impact analysis.
  • In the KoMePol project, she is researching on the various relationships of trust in e-participation.

Her research interests cover e-participation, e-government, conceptual and process modelling and software ergonomics. In her ongoing doctoral thesis she develops a "Reference Framework for E-Participation".

See the list of publications here.

Sabrina Scherer is since 2011 in the program committee of the annual ePart conference.