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SOA4PKI: Integration of PKI and SOA for the Bundeswehr

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11/01/2007 - 04/10/2008

Short Description

The German Bundeswehr uses a special PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), the so-called PKIBw. The certificates it produces are already used by many of the Bundeswehr's employees and soldiers. In addition, the Bundeswehr is developing a SOA (service-oriented architecture) which shall serve their special needs (e.g. for mobility and availability). It is the goal of the study "SOA4PKI" to find a way to join these worlds. To achieve this, some important questions have to be considered:

  • What could a PKI which is mobile and failsafe and therefore apt for the use in military missions look like?
  • How could this PKI be integrated into the existing service landscape?
  • How could the SOA-enabled PKI be implemented?
The study SOA4PKI does not lead to a ready-for-use product, but it lays the foundation for concrete developments.


Bundesamt für Informationsmanagement und Informationstechnik der Bundeswehr (IT-AmtBw)